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Alagna is a Paradise!


Yes it’s true, Alagna sometime is really a Paradise! It was a paradise this last weekend…. Only the 25th of November and we had already the luck to ski in wonderful powder snow, with sunshine, a very few good friends and our big Monte Rosa with his enormous open space and his beautiful white dress.

It is difficult to explain this, you would need to be there to understand, of course in the right moment… But our beautiful nature has always something special to offer… Bors GlacierNo matter the weather, the snow and also the friends! There is always something special there able to open your heart!

A starting of the season like that is really a dream. Sometimes, like last year we have to wait until the middle of January to be in the heaven, sometimes it is incredibly early like this year but after almost 30 years working in Alagna, this remote corner of the Alps, now I’m sure that every season is able to give you some unique satisfactions, the feeling to be alive in some of the best nature of the planet, and enjoy it!

Sunday morning we get the cablecar to Punta Indren and it is great to meet the friends, someone not seen from last winter after a warm Paolo Paglino Bors Glaciersummer. From the top we traverse to the old Punta Indren station and we decide not to shoot down in the powder like the young riders… We put the skins on, we would like to caress the side of the mountain to get the best from the day. We climb up to the starting of the Cresta del Soldato… we want to earn our turns… Is like when you are very thirsty and you don’t jump straight inside your beer pint… You wait a bit more, you look at it… you take time… you want to get the best from it… to get the best feeling…
Then, the first sip is like heaven!!

Down in Pista Balma snow is soft and pretty deep, getting even lighter the more we get down and the Bors Valley, trap in the shade of the winter is colder, the sun will not affect the magic cristals till the end of January. At the bottom we are really tempted to ski down all the way to Alagna through the Bors Village and the Rifugio Pastore  but we know that the way would be long and with the last part ski on the shoulder…. So we traverse to Bocchetta delle Pisse and we ski down on the piste to reach Pianalunga and an incredible good lunch in Grande Halte.