Alagna Ski Guides Team with you to discover Mountain Outdoor Activities in the Monte Rosa & beyond….

Alagna Guides off-piste skiing, freeride, mountaineering, climbing and trekking. Winter and Summer. We are a group of good friends, but also a Team of fully qualified Mountaineering and Ski Guides.

We are all self-employed, we like to work together because we have the same common passion and enthusiasm for what we do. Firstly we all love to ski but we also love all the mountain activities, the good food and good wine…

….and we all speak English!!

Meet the Alagna Ski Guides Team!

Paolo Paglino UIAGM Mountain Guide

Paolo Paglino

I was born in Valsesia in 1967. I live in Rassa, a pretty village in the South of The Monte Rosa. I successfully completed a selective UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide Course in Italy, the highest internationally recognized qualification for instruction and guiding in rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, off-piste skiing and ski touring. I have been guiding in the Alps since 1993 and have professionally led treks and climbing expeditions in Nepal, South America and Africa. Since 1997 I also work as an examiner for the UIAGM/IFMGA Italian Mountain Guide School involved in tuition, guide safety, climbing and ski techniques. I speak Italian, English and French. I will help you to improve your knowledge of the mountains. I hope together we will have a great experience. Trips: Himalaya, Patagonia, Perù, Greenland, Africa, Scandinavia, and …. The Alps. I like: All mountain sports, to ski in powder, climbing at the seaside, pasta, pizza, fresh fish, good food and wine…… and gelato! I dislike: Driving the car, fast-food.

Tazio Ferrari Alpine Guide

Tazio Ferrari

Hello! I’m Tazio, nicknamed Spazio , i was born in 1984 in verbania on lago maggiore. I always went in mountain with my parents and like this begin my passion for them, and now it’s not only passion, it’s my profession!
After the graduation in geology sciences, i became a UIAGM IFMGA mountain guide. My home mountain are the Western Alps, especially the Ossola Valley on the east side of Monte Rosa; but i’ve been traveling the world for climbing, skiing, mountaneering, for paragliding and telemarking.

Giuseppe Burlone Alagna Ski Guides

Giuseppe Burlone

Hallo, I am Giuseppe, born in 1968 at the foot of the Colli Novaresi, the green sofa where His Majesty Monte Rosa lie down. The couriosity for that white range moved my first steps in direction of what suddendly become a flirt, than a life style, and from 1996 my profession. Now I am IFMGA/UIAGM licenced guide, an Heli rescuer and… a sommelier! The roots into the wine world of Piedmont are still deep and strong, and, when the schedule of a tour includes an easy day, I feel very lucky to share the beauty of strolling trough rows and vineyards, looking at the white peaks from a new perspective. Skiing the untoutched powder requires strengh, sometimes walking with backcountry skis. But after that, the glass of Ghemme shared with our friends has the taste of paradise, Alagna freeride paradise!

Teodoro Bizzocchi "Teo" Alagna Ski Guides

Teodoro Bizzocchi (Teo)

Born in 1982 in a small village of the Southwest valleys of Monte Rosa, since my childhood I have always been in tight relationship with the natural world of the mountain and I have always been curious to know nature in all its different aspects from the peaks of the Alps to the loneliness of the rocks of the African deserts. The passion has been growing up at the point to make all of this my profession: after finishing my postgraduate degree (with two thesis on avalanches), I went through the training to become a professional mountain guide and now I am fully certified as UIAGM/IFMGA guide. I hold several safety certification for working in conditions that require security ropes and I developed artisan skills that brought me to operate in unusual areas and very hard conditions (fully certified for work with explosives) and I am still collaborating with universities and scientific institutes in altitude. I like: antique mountaineering books and… milk a cow before (and after!!!) get to the summit of Mont Blanc!

Andrea Tamilla Alagna Ski Guides

Andrea Tamilla

I was born in Valsesia in 1990 and now I live in a little hamlet of Alagna called Dosso. Thanks to my parents I started live my day in nature since I was a child and immediately I got sick of mountain. I have lived many adventures with my friends in Monte Rosa and in the Alps and I was also lucky to climb in fantastic places like Himalaya and Madagascar. In 2016 I finished my course of Aspirant and in 2019 Alpine Guide and now my passion has become also my profession. I hope to convey to you all the emotions that skiing, climb and drink beers after a good day with friend give to me!

Carlo Gabasio Alagna Ski Guides

Carlo Gabasio

I’m the most recent addition to this fantastic group of friends at Monte Rosa but, among them, I’m the first one to be born, or the oldest, as you like. I was born in Biella in 1958. From the garden of the house where I was born, I saw only a small tip of the Monte Rosa, and I was curious, climbing on the trees to try to see more, but it did not work. At age five, I started walking on the mountains above my town with my parents, and finally I saw that enormous wonder that is Monte Rosa. Since then I have no longer stopped walking in the mountains and since 1992 I become a qualified Mountain Guide UIAGM like all other friends of the Team, and since 1997 I am a mountain guide instructor for alpine guidance training. I have accompanied groups of mountaineers on all continents, I fell in love with South America, Patagonia in particular, and even more for the spicy food and the Cerveza.

Luigi Zignone Alagna Ski Guides

Luigi Zignone

I was born in Valsesia in 1989. Since I was a child I loved go to the mountains with my parents in all seasons, than when I grew up I began mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing: my favourite winter activity. A few years ago I moved to Aosta Valley and now I live in a little village near Aosta, so I started to explore this other beautiful valley rounded of mountains. The idea of being an alpine guide grew up in the last years and now I am a graduated aspirant Alpine Guide. When I’ll accompain you I’ll try to pass on my skills and knowledge in order to maximize your journey. On the mountains I lived some of my best experiences and now I hope to help living your’s: it will be great!

Giorgio Sacco

The most beautiful moment of the day, the sunset. Next to me, the clients who I have spent the last hours with. In our hands, a good glass of wine. On our faces, the smile. And the joy of having shared a unique experience. Canyoning, freeriding, climbing, heliskiing … whatever the choice of this day, I know that once again I given my best. And the joy of my friends and clients repays me for every effort. I am simply this: Giorgio Sacco, a mountain guide who lives by his passion. Who does not put business in front of what he really loves. In every moment he tries to make a frame of beauty, giving everything to those who rely on his experience.
My heart has taken shape from the mountain since I was a child. With my partisan grandfather I learned to love the peaks and paths, listening to his distant tales of woodsman and the old memories of times of war. Over the years, then, this attraction has taken the shape of a true passion. A love more and more understood. Something so strong that you decides to make it my job. And to dedicate to you every moment of my time: between outings with clients, summits to reach, streams to go down and expeditions to live, the days and years have become pages of a single book, all made of mountains and adventures. But not only between the spaces of the home mountains, but also in Argentina, Tibet, Bolivia, Peru, Nepal, Pakistan and many others are the places to where I have traveled. Without forgetting those moments on K2 or along the Marinelli Couloir, between scenarios that have marked my memory.
So here I am: Giorgio Sacco, mountain guide, Aineva surveyor, canyoning guide, helper and consultant for companies linked to the mountain world. Not only a professional able to guide you on the peaks, but also a friend (if you want) with the desire to give you moments that will always remain with you.

Paolo Tombini Alagna Ski Guides

Paolo Tombini

I was born in Biella on 28 August 1973. After school graduation, mountaineering and climbing became the great motivation of my days, so the dream of become Mountain Guide was the logical consequence: being able to live my passion full time! Today I live in Gaglianico not far from my hometown, I am a professional, full qualified Mountain Guide, I work all-over the Alps far both in winter and in summer. I love skiing as climbing. To describe my way of understanding the mountain I like to quote a phrase from Reinhard Karl that is also the title of his autobiografic book:”time to live, time to breathe”. I like to fully enjoy every past moment up there but even more so to stop and taste its essence together with whom with me he shares these moments. The vertical gesture in all its forms was my first love. I climbed cliffs all over Europe, attracted by the most beautiful rock, then I approached mountaineering by climbing the great classic routes on the most beautiful walls of the Alps, from west to east. Even the cold fascinates me a lot: waterfalls, goulottes and the north face walls, climbing some classic routes in winter too. I collaborated with several of my companions during my activity at the opening of fifteen new itineraries mainly on rock. I was member of some expeditions in Yosemite, Madagascar and Patagonia. I am coauthor for the manual of mountaineering techniques, entitled “mountain safety” published by “Versante sud”.

Michele Enzio "Miki" Alagna Ski Guides

Michele Enzio (Miki)

I was born in Alagna in 1974. My father Alberto, ski teacher and mountain guide and my mother Maria, cross-country ski champion taught me a fundamental principle: The respect for the mountains and the Nature. I grew up dreaming to do this job. When I was still young I became a ski teacher, fully qualified European standard, Telemark ski teacher and Federal alpine ski coach 2nd level. After that I’ve been working hard to finish the school and become a Mountaineering and Ski Guide, fully qualified. Now I’m also paraglider pilot tandem qualified. The things I mostly like to do to in Italian language they all end in ARE !!! sciARE, volARE, mangiARE, stappARE (wine bottles!) and two others that can’t be said !! The best adventures I have experienced are those I have had in the mountains especially on The Monte Rosa where I live but also abroad in the Himalayas where I’ve been to the summit of Everest. I think for sure the city traffic is the more dangerous thing!!

Gioele Poddine Alagna Ski Guides

Gioele Poddine

I’m definitely the youngest one of the team! Born in 1999, i grew up in the shadow of Monviso where all my biggest dreams and desires originated. My ever-growing passion drove me to explore the Alps, from Monte Rosa to the Dolomites, and even the rocky mountains, from Devil’s Tower to Grand Teton and Yosemite. Step by step, in 2018 I began my journey to become an aspirant Mountain Guide and in 2021 I achieved this important goal. Motivated by my few years of experience, I’m always enthusiastic for every adventure ahead, whether I’m wearing crampons, climbing shoes or ski boots. What I love about being in the mountains is sharing moments with people I’m tied with, and grasp the essence of the environment around me. I strongly believe in the connections which mountains are able to create. My duty is to help you establishing these bonds in the best way possible.

Cristina Mornacchi

Hi, I’m Cristina, born in Verbania in 1983. I worked for years as an educator and neuropsychologist in several cities including Vigevano, Milan, Pavia, Padova .. but as soon as I could I went back to the beloved mountains of Lake Maggiore, where I grew up. The appeal of the mountain was strong and in 2015 I moved permanently to the place of origin in order to make my two passions, psychology and mountain, as profession. I followed local mountain guides in various activities (trekking, canyoning, via ferrata, rock climbing) as a psychologist / educator in team building works and mountain summer camps for children. In 2019 I attended the course to become professional AMM, Mountain Leader, with enrollment in the Regional Collegio of Piedmont professional mountain guides. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of this fantastic team and I hope to share with you soon our wonderful Alps and the well-being that you feel with a nice walk in their beautiful nature. Mountains, lived with safety and respect, can be for everyone.

Vale Tarana

Valentina Tarana

I was born in 1986 in Biella and as many other member of the team I grew up looking, just behind the town, the majesty of the south side of Monte Rosa and wondering about it. After the graduation in Philosophy, with a thesis on mountaineering, I start working as a chef in different mountain huts; I wanted to stay there where my heart beat, and I went around many valley, above all Valsesia. But after more then ten years working inside a kicthen I decide to move outside and try a different path. In 2019 I completed the course to become an Italian AMM (Medium Mountain Guide, Mountain Leader) and now I’m looking forward to guide you in this gorgeous place full of culture, art, and good food, called The Italian Alps. Meanwhile I look after the office of this amazing team.


Alagna Ski Guides is a Group of friends dedicated to promoting outdoor, mountain life. All are qualified and highly experienced and have an enthusiasic willingness to pass on their skills and knowledge. Your ski Holiday with a guide could include Ski Touring, Ski Safari, Freeride, Off-piste, Ice-climbing, Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Trekking, Hiking or a combination of some or all of these winter and summer activities. Each activity offers the ultimate mountain experience giving you the opportunity to enjoy the solitude of the mountains, untracked powder in winter and beautiful scenery.

Your Alagna Guides will be there to offer advice, information on conditions and being safe and will encourage you so you get the most out of your chosen winter or summer mountain sports.