Alagna Ski Guides Outdoor Insurance

Safety in the mountains has to be the highest priority for everyone wanting to discover this beautiful world and its activities. Safety is our priority when we guide you.

Winter’s beauty brings with it some added risks but these can be reduced knowing THE HISTORY of each season, each weather change and every snowfall , observing the snow cristals and snow formations, the wind, the temperature and the weather. Also in the summer is essential to be informed about the mountain conditions and the weather changes.

Knowing the mountains in winter and summer is the only possibility to reduce the risk!

We like to consider and share with you all the information we have with regards to safety. By observing the snow, which can include digging a snow profile, we can decide together ski runs with the best condition and least risk. Observing the temperature variation, the amount of snow and weather in summer we can decide the best and safe climbing itinerary.

All our Mountaineering and Ski Guides have RC insurance that also covers civil responsibility for all members of the group. Personal insurance is not included in your guided day.



We highly recommend that you arrange your own personal insurance before undertaking any mountain activity. If you do not have a personal insurance please keep in touch with us and we will help you or you can buy a personal insurance for rescue and first medical care at this address:
Please note that the insurance is valid ONLY if you are guided by one of our guides.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some more information, OR BOOK NOW!