Carlo Gabasio, UIAGM mountaineering and ski guide

I’m the most recent addition to this fantastic group of friends at Monte Rosa but, among them, I’m the first one to be born, or the oldest, as you like. I was born in Biella in 1958.
From the garden of the house where I was born, I saw only a small tip of the Monte Rosa, and I was curious, climbing on the trees to try to see more, but it did not work.
At age five, I started walking on the mountains above my town with my parents, and finally I saw that enormous wonder that is Monte Rosa. Since then I have no longer stopped walking in the mountains and since 1992 I become a qualified Mountain Guide UIAGM like all other friends of the Team, and since 1997 I am a mountain guide instructor for alpine guidance training.
I have accompanied groups of mountaineers on all continents, I fell in love with South America, Patagonia in particular, and even more for the spicy food and the Cerveza.

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    Monte Rosa Alagna Freerideparadise
    Monte Rosa landscape from Alagna