Gioele Poddine UIAGM mountaineering and ski aspirant guide

Gioele Poddine Alagna Ski Guides

I’m definitely the youngest one of the team! Born in 1999, i grew up in the shadow of Monviso where all my biggest dreams and desires originated. My ever-growing passion drove me to explore the Alps, from Monte Rosa to the Dolomites, and even the rocky mountains, from Devil’s Tower to Grand Teton and Yosemite. Step by step, in 2018 I began my journey to become an aspirant Mountain Guide and in 2021 I achieved this important goal. Motivated by my few years of experience, I’m always enthusiastic for every adventure ahead, whether I’m wearing crampons, climbing shoes or ski boots. What I love about being in the mountains is sharing moments with people I’m tied with, and grasp the essence of the environment around me. I strongly believe in the connections which mountains are able to create. My duty is to help you establishing these bonds in the best way possible.

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    Monte Rosa Alagna Freerideparadise
    Monte Rosa landscape from Alagna