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Overalp & Alagna Ski Guides – A new way to live The Italian Alps.

Tailor outdoor holidays and tourist services in Monte Rosa Region and Biella Alps

OverAlp is a tour operator specialised in organising tailored outdoor experiences. Based in Biella, a perfect location for easy access to Valsesia, at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif (4.634 m), and Valle d’Aosta  with Mont Blanc (4810 m) and Matterhorn (4478 m), the most fascinating mountains in The Alps.

For over thirty years we travel to Italy and the world. We lived and we did live unforgettable and fulfilling outdoor experiences completely immersed in nature.
After years of experience all over the world, we have reached the certainty that our territory, from the Alps to the Islands, passing through the Apennine ridge, is the crown jewel of the world outdoor, second to none wonder, where sport, culture and traditions merge in a wonderful and engaging way.
From our passion for the mountain environment surrounding us, for our sport and for our profession of mountain and hiking guides, OVERALP was born. It’s an innovative perspective container that allows you to configure your adventure according to your aspirations.
Grab the best of Italian outdoor: the nature of all Italy is a stage for unforgettable experiences, and our mission is to discover the best of mountain outdoor on our territory.
Testing and rediscovering yourself through the contact with nature and the explore of new environments, dispel fears and anxieties thanks to a different experience and return to enjoy simple but real things: all this is OVERALP !!!

Ride the adventure with us!

OverAlp Tour Operator with Alagna Ski Guides can design a tailored adventure that fulfils your every need.

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