Ski touring all-inclusive multi-days programmes

We offer ski touring all-inclusive multi-days programmes for private groups that can suit every level of skier. We have two types of program.

( 1 ) Haute Route style, Hut to Hut, suggested mainly for people already having a basic knowledge and touring skills. This could be a round trip starting and ending in the same place for example: Spaghetti Tour Monte Rosa or Gran Paradiso Haute Route. Alternatively a traverse in the mountains of several days for example: The famous Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt.

We alway sleep in mountain huts and mountain hotels or pensions.

( 2 ) Another possibility could be to be based in the same Mountain Hut or in a couple of Mountain Huts, for a week or a long week-end. This is ideal for beginners of this discipline or for who like to be more comfortable and travel daily with a lighter pack (for example: Valle Maira Barolo e Castelmagno).

Our ambition in both cases is to discover the best traditions, food, wine … and snow of The Alps!

Most of this programmes are for a week guiding but we can tailor to suit your needs for as many days as you like.

Check out our programmes and don’t hesitate to write directly to us to ask for more information or for book your fantastic Holiday!

Monte Rosa First Tracksfrom €   950
Spaghetti Tour Monte Rosafrom € 1500 (max 4 people)
Haute Route Chamonix to Zermattfrom € 1450
Tatra Mountain Ski Touringfrom € 1300
Pizzoccheri Tour Cevedalefrom € 1500
Gran Paradiso Fontina Tourfrom € 1380
Gran Paradiso Haute Routefrom € 1280
Spätzli Tour Stubaifrom € 1600
Bagna Cauda Tour Valpellicefrom € 1150
Polenta Tour Val Formazzafrom € 1200
Rösti Tour Zermatt e Saas Feefrom € 1600
Val Maira Barolo & Castelmagnofrom € 1400
Prices per person refert to a Group of 7 people (4 Spaghetti Tour Monte Rosa)

For all this programmes will be required to have ski Touring or telemark gear (skis with Touring or telemark bindings and climbing skins). We can help you to rent your gear but we need to know it in advance to be able to book it in time.

We can provide all the safety gear needed for rent. We would suggest that you also consider renting an ABS backpack and we recommend you use a helmet.

An equipment list will be available in every program with all the things you need to have with you.

What Do our Guides do?

All our guides are expert skiers and speak good English. This is what they like to do with you:

  • Teach you ski technique and ski touring skills in off-piste always with an intensive daily program.
  • Guide you safely in the best runs searching for the best snow… and understanding why it is there!
  • Teach you all they know about weather, snow, avalanches, GPS and route finding.
  • Teach basic information about rescue and practice the new techniques in searching in an avalanche.
  • Last but not least search for the best huts, best food and the best drinks!

A typical day starts as early as you want it to start. With normal temperature we have breakfast around 7.30 and and start with “skins on” around 8.00 to be sure to not be late in the afternoon and to be able to ski down with the best snow of the day. Sometime we’ll need to have and earlier start if daily temperature get too hot or if we have longer climb to do… But could aso be that we decide to start later in some of the “recovering” days…

When getting back to the Hut in the evening we normally have a beer or two, we discuss about the program of the day and the plan for the following day, we  do some “mapping” and GPS work together to identify the right itinerary and we check all our gear to be sure will be efficient the next day. We also listen to your suggestions and we decide together the best to do: It’s your skiing holiday, we working together to make it an unforgettable one!

Download the recommended EQUIPMENT LIST for this programmes here: Haute Route and more days ski touring Equipment list Eng.

Ski Touring all-inclusive programmes