Capanna Margherita environment-friendly 4 days

4 days mountaineering Respecting the Environment and the Wild Nature of Monte Rosa

Capanna Margherita environment-friendly: Our gol is to reach Regina Margherita hut, that with his 4554 meter elevation is the highest mountain hut in Europe,  in the most sustainable way, our green philosophy. We will do it without using cablecars and using the least amount of resources possible, respecting the nature of these wild places and the people that for over a millennium they have lived here without impact on natural environment. We have a lot to learn from them…
The first Margherita Hut was built between 1889 and 1893 using only the labor of men, women and donkeys. Back to the old days the environmental impact was very limited and our goal is to retrace the old paths to climb on tiptoe like in the past.

Capanna Margherita environment-friendly
Accomm.Zar Senni, Gabiet, Mantova huts
Level requirednovice to advanced
Max group size5 per guide
Group of 4€ 460 x person
We can help you to find the gear you need or you can take your own. You need good watherproof boots, mountaineering clotes, harness, crampons, ice-axe and walking poles. Please check our gear list.

Day by day program Capanna Margherita environment-friendly:

Day one: Meeting with your mountain leader/guide in the morning (around 9,00 am) in Alagna, normally at the Caffe del Centro, beside the main Church, morning briefing with information about weather program and our green philosophy of respect for the environment. We will also check the personal equipment, and help you to set your backpack in the best way.
Today will be an easy day of preparation, walking on a beautiful trail in the wood the first part and through the oldest hamlets of Alagna in the second part. Your guide will provide a lot of information about the local Nature and mostly about the wise way of Walser people to live in this places respecting it. In the afternoon we will reach Rifugio Zar Senni at the Follu village (1662 mt), where we will be able to admire the skilful Walser architecture in building homes exclusively using natural materials, wood and stone.

Day two: Early starting in the morning (but not too early), normally the alarm is set at 6,30 and breakfast at 7,00. As soon we are ready we start the nice climb to reach Passo Zube (2871 mt), in the Otro Valley Natural Reserve. The climb will take about 3 and 1/2 hour and a long the way is normally possible to see a lot of wild animals, ibex, chamois, marmots and eagles. After 1 and 1/2 hour descent we will reach The Rifugio Gabiet (2365 mt) close to the homonymus lake.

Day three: After a nice breakfast, a few pictures of the amazing panorama, we will start the gentle climb to reach Rifugio Mantova at 3498 mt at the bottom of Garstlet Glacier. Late afternoon the UIAGM mountain guide will take the place of your Mountain Leader and you will do a small lesson of safety and rope work on the glacier. The guide will get also your crampons, harnesses and ice-axes so you will travel light the first 3 days.

Day four: Early starting in the morning, normally the alarm is set at 4,00 and breakfast at 4,30. We put on the crampons and we start as soon as possible and in 4 / 5 hour we’ll reach the summit of Punta Gnifetti where Margherita Hut at 4554 mt was built and innaugurated by Queen Margherita in 1893. The panorama from the top and the the dizziness you feel looking down from the balcony will be someting unforgettable.
After a good stop to recover energy we will start the descente to reach early afternoon the cablecar station of Punta Indren.

For those who wish to complete the tour without the use of lifts, it is possible to add a day and after another overnight stay at the Rifugio Mantova, make the descent on foot to Alagna.

Accommodation: Rifugio Zar Senni (1662 mt), Rifugio Gabiet (2365 mt) and Rifugio Mantova (3498 mt).

Detailed Pricing and Booking

Our guiding price for the climb to Capanna Margherita 4 day Eco-friendly is PER PERSON and based on the group size (I’ve seen it, take me to the BOOKING FORM) – Private groups only –

Group sizeGuiding feeHB Zar Senni – Gabiet – Mantova Huts
2 people€ 820€ 65 + € 80 + € 95
3 people€ 580€ 65 + € 80 + € 95
4 people€ 460€ 65 + € 80 + € 95
5 people€ 390€ 65 + € 80 + € 95


Price Includes
– 3 days guiding with UIMLA International Mountain Leader and expenses for him
– 1 and 1/2 days guiding with UIAGM mountain guide and expenses for the guide
– Harness, carabiners if you don’t have and rope

Not included
– Renting of the crampons, ice axes, ski poles (5 € per item per day)
– 1 night accommodation half board in Rifugio Zar Senni (65 € per person)
– 1 night accommodation half board in Rifugio Gabiet (80 € per person)
– 1 night accommodation half board in Rifugio Mantova (95 € per person)
– Lunches
– Backpack and glacier equipment if required. We can provide for rent the gear you need
– Mountain rescue insurance:

We highly recommend that you arrange your own personal insurance before undertaking any mountain activity.
You can have a look at your own country EUROP-ASSISTANCE, they normally have an outdoor insurance (Outdoor no problem), or we suggest to register as member of your country Alpine Club (like CAF or CAS or BMC, personal insurance is included and also discounted price at mountain huts. Here you can see the official list). If your country doesn’t have an Alpine Club you can also check out the Britannia Section of Alpenverein, that is now normally open also to non-resident in UK:

Please click here if you would like to have information about nutrition during your climbing days.

Download the recommended EQUIPMENT LIST for this program here: Capanna Margherita Equipment List

Group size: max. 5 people per guide. Private groups only.

This is the “classic” program but other options are available and we can also tailor a program to suit you. All of these programs must be booked in advance in order to secure hotel and huts accommodation.


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