Terms and Conditions of Booking


Instead of having to spend hours trying to read and understand pages of rules and regulations we prefer to keep things simple.

Our simple, easy to follow Terms and Conditions:

We offer guiding or teaching and programmes for private groups only. If you are alone and you would like to join a group please send and e-mail. We can check if we can put you in a group with the same program, level and expectations.

To book a program or any kind of activity please write an e-mail to us or fill the following form. We will send all the information needed for that program. In the e-mail you have to specify:

– Number and Names of all members of the group.

– Dates for one of our programs or a personalized program (a personalized program can be one day guiding or a combination of programmes).

– Your choice of program and your technical level/skills for that activity.

– If you require safety or technical gear.

– The phone number and e-mail address of all group members.

We will reply to you with all the information you need and the correct prices for the selected activity. A deposit of 15% – 50% of the total cost for your chosen program (with the minimum of 1 day guiding fee), will be the final confirmation for the booking. With the payment of the deposit you also accept or terms and conditions, so please read this page carefully.

Your privacy is very important to us. We are committed to earning your trust by safeguarding your personal information. All the information you provide to us is securely maintained and is kept strictly confidential. We do not, and will not, sell or rent our customer lists or private health information to other companies.

The deposit will be lost for the cancellation of the booking for any reason. If, however your guide decides to cancel the guiding in the morning due to weather or safety conditions, you will be refunded the full amount of the deposit minus the 20% as booking cost.

In case of cancellation by the customer with less than 7 days’ notice, the balance of the entire amount of the guide fee will be required.

All our Mountaineering and Ski Guides have RC insurance that also covers civil responsibility for all members of the group.

We highly recommend that you arrange your own personal insurance before undertaking any mountain activity. If you don’t have a personal insurance please keep in touch with us and we will help you:
You can buy a personal insurance for rescue and first medical care at this address: https://pos.larcasrl.it/default.aspx?IDCON=9325
Please note that the insurance is valid ONLY if you are guided by one of our guides.


Please notice that the deposit will not be refunded for any type of cancellation, unless made by your guide, so please consider to take out a personal travel policy insurance that can cover this cost in case of cancellation.

If you accept our terms and conditions you also accept our Privacy and cookies policy. Please read it.

Please contact us, to get the right quote for the selected program. Feel free to ask for more details about it or for your own suggested program, OR BOOK NOW!